How a Maui Kayak Tour Will Change the Way You Look at Hawaii

The glorious, aqua-blue South Maui waters are a vision; the kai (sea) looks like it’s flowing straight out of a dream or seaside fairy tale. It’s one thing to look at the water and appreciate its beauty. It’s a completely different experience to be out on that water, gliding through it and hearing the soft, rustling ripples underneath your boat.

Whether Maui is your regular vacation spot or this trip will be your first to our beautiful Hawaiian island, taking a Maui kayak tour is a must. It will, quite literally, change the way you look at Hawaii. Here’s why:

You get to engage with the water around you

Maui is surrounded by a vast moana (ocean). It’s easy to spend time on the island and be mesmerized by the beautiful sea. Kayaking on top of the water, though, takes you from just appreciating it’s beauty visually, to engaging with the beauty physically. Dipping your paddle into the sapphire colored water as you flow across the sea will deepen your connection to Maui and its island beauty.

You get to see the sea life up close and personal

Sea turtles, whales, indigenous fish, you name it! The sea is brimming with life on and around Maui. When you book your tour with Hawaiian Ocean Sports, you may meet Sea Charles, a more than 60-year-old resident seahonu (turtle). Humpback whales love Maui too. They often come to play, mate and give birth as they migrate through the Pacific in the winter. Whale-enthusiasts can embark on our special Kayak Whale tour and our whale watching tours at all Hawaiian Ocean Sports locations from December to April. Don’t worry turtle-lovers, we didn’t forget about you! Book a kayak turtle tour today to make a friend with fins!

You can go at your own pace and take everything in

It’s so ʻoluʻoluʻo (refreshing) to be able to go at your own pace when it comes to a ocean sports. Whether you’re taking a romantic ride with a loved one or taking a tour with your best friend, you get to craft your experience on the water. Our expert instructors and tour guides will help you find your rhythm and introduce you to the waters of Hawaii. They’ll give you tips and tricks to help you flow smoothly and experience the island in your kayak. If you want to explore on your own, you can rent a kayak to paddle to your heart’s content!

You can hear the stories of those who grew up on the water

Nearly all of our tour guides and instructors grew up with the waters of Hawaii, kayaking, surfing, fishing and diving. Born and raised on the island, they are a wealth of knowledge. You’ll love their incredible stories about their lives, the water, and the island’s rich culture. They tell stories that have been passed down from generation to generation, giving you a look into the pu’uwai (heart) of the Hawaiian islands.

There’s nothing like experiencing Maui in the seat of a kayak. Book your kayak tour today. The ocean awaits!

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