What To Expect From A Surf Lesson

Picture yourself standing tall on a ka papa heʻenalu (surfboard). With your feet planted and arms out to your sides, you stabilize yourself, feeling the breeze flow through your air as throngs of adoring beachgoers watching you master a wave in the gorgeous Maui waters!

While, you may not experience this on your first try, you can walk away from a surf lesson feeling kūpaʻa (confident) that you’re one step closer to reaching your surfing goals!

People take surf lessons for many reasons, from wanting to palapala hoʻopaʻa (bond) with their friends and family in the water, to wanting to challenge themselves to learn a new skill. Surf lessons are great for anyone who loves the water, wants to connect to an ancient Hawaiian art and is ready to work hard!

Here’s what to expect from a surf lesson on Maui:

Expect To Be Challenged

Surfing looks makemakeʻole (effortless). But, the truth is, surfing is challenging! The sport engages every muscle in the body and is a great workout! While the sport is challenging, with the right technique and instruction, anyone can learn to surf!

Aloha Surf School offers surf lessons for all ages and ability levels. Whether it’s your first time surfing or you hit the waves every kakahiaka (morning), we’ve got something for you.

Expect to Start Outside Of The Water

Typically, surf lessons start outside of the water. Instructors go over the basic moves and techniques on the beach. They’ll teach you how to hoe(paddle) out and stand up on a wave, making sure you have the basics down before trying your newfound skills out on a wave.

Our skilled instructors were born and raised on Maui, growing up surfing and participating in other ocean sports. They are true nā meaʻoihana (professionals) and will give everyone customized feedback and tips for how to improve.

Expect To Enjoy Yourself

Surfing is fun! Surf lessons are a great way to connect with yourself, connect with the Hawaiian islands and connect with others. Many people report feeling euphoric when out on the water. It’s no wonder! Connecting with the vast water around us is a truly awe-inspiring experience. Don’t be surprised if you’re rushing to sign up for more lessons after your first time on the water.

Expect To Need Some Gear

It’s great idea to wear a rash guard during your first surf lesson. Rash guards are long sleeved athletic shirts made of spandex, nylon or polyester. They protect against ka huki (rashes) and protect the skin on your belly from the wax that helps keep your footing on the surfboard. You are provided with  rash guards, booties and leggings from Aloha Surf School atKalama Beach Park.

You should wear bottoms that are secure and won’t fall off as you swim or get up on the board. Also, lather on the reef safe sunscreen! You can expect to spend a lot of time in the sun, so it’s important to mālama (protect) yourself.

While there are many companies that offer surf lessons, Aloha Surf Schoolgives lessons the aloha way. Our private lessons give you individualized attention from our nā mea akamai (talented) surf instructors. These are perfect for serious surfers and those looking to improve their skills. We also offer semi-private lessons for groups of any size. These are a great way to bond and experience something new with your loved ones!

You can choose from one or two hour lessons, the perfect amount of time to hone your skills and get out on the water! But, our surf lessons teach you about more than just surfing. With us, you’ll gain a deep appreciation and respect for Hawaiian culture and for the Hawaiian tradition of surfing.

Contact us today for more information about why our surf lessons will be one of the highlights of your trip to Maui!

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