Stand Up Paddle Lessons on Maui

Hawaiian Ocean Sports offers SUP Lessons and rentals at 3 premier locations on Maui; Wailea Beach Park (South Maui), Kalama Beach Park (South Maui), and Ukumehame Beach Park (West Maui).

Every water sports fan should take up stand up paddle Maui lessons! If you’re eager to experience the thrill and excitement of spending your vacation in Hawaii, you’ve found the perfect place to start.

At Hawaiian Ocean Sports, we’ll teach you everything about stand up paddle surfing.

Did you know SUP is a form of surfing that originated in Hawaii? What better place is there to take up paddle lessons than right here, on the island!

Our instructors have years of experience in riding the waves and have a knack for teaching you all about stand up paddling.

If you’re looking for stand up paddle surfing Maui lessons, you’ve come to the right place!

Our instructors are here to help adults of all ages learn how to master the sport. You’ll be able to learn stand up paddling on Maui at your own pace and you’ll have lots of fun while doing it as well!

SUP dates back thousands of years, but its current form originated right here, in Hawaii.

This sport has gained a lot of popularity throughout the decades. But nevertheless, when you experience the fun of standup paddling on Maui, you experience a piece of the island’s history.

Anyone can take up paddle surfing lessons on Maui and experience the fun. Once you learn how to master your balance on your board, you’ll be able to have a taste of one of Hawaii’s most popular sports.

Book your stand up paddle lessons on Maui and experience the thrill and excitement on the island

At Hawaiian Ocean Sports, we aim to offer you the best experience possible.

Our stand up paddle lessons on Maui are designed to offer you everything you need to safely get acquainted with the ocean.

You can book a group paddling lesson and begin having fun catching the waves. Or, for exclusive individual attention, you can book one of our private paddling lessons. This way, you don’t need to worry about sharing your instructor with a group of strangers.

With our stand up paddle lessons on Maui, you’ll have everything you need to render your vacation unique.

SUP-paddle-boardingMore about our stand up paddle Maui lessons

  1. Group Stand Up Paddle Maui Lessons – Learn how to stand up paddle with others who are just as eager to learn! Being part of a group can motivate you to learn to master this sport or improve your skills even faster.
  2. Private Stand Up Paddle Maui Lessons – If you’re looking for the undivided attention of an instructor, book your private stand up paddle Maui lesson today. One surfer per instructor is the perfect way to learn more about this sport.
  3. Semi-Private Stand Up Paddle Maui Lessons – With our semi private stand up paddle Maui lessons, you’ll have a SUP instructor devoted to you. You’ll have all the attention you need to learn the SUP basics and master the sport in no time.
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