The Best Time To See Whales On Maui

People love to come to Maui to frolic in the warm waters, lay on the warm sandy beaches and immerse themselves in the beauty of the rich culture around them.

The truth is, kohola (whales) love Maui too! Humpback whales come to Maui to mate, give birth and play during their winter migration through the Pacific Ocean.

Whale season is an exciting time in Maui. Running from mid-December to mid-May, whale season brings many nā manawa (opportunities) for whale sightings around the island! In some years, whales were spotted on the island as early as September!

In general, the peak season for whale sightings occur between January and March. This is the perfect time to book a trip to Hawaii. You can swap your cold, sometimes rainy winter season for a soft, tropical makani (breeze) in Maui.

What Kind of Whales Will I See In Maui?

Whales of all ages come to Maui during whale season. In general, humpback whales begin mating at around 7 years old. These whales make their way to Maui to hoa (mate) along with younger whales, who learn the mating process from the older male whales.

Young male whales generally make the trek to Maui first, followed by the older, larger male whales. Next come the female whales, many of which are hāpai (pregnant) and ready to give birth. (baby humpback whales weight about 2,000 pounds, or 1 ton at birth!)

Then, female whales arrive from Alaska with their calves. Baby humpback whales born in Maui usually stay with their mother for one year, kahu hānai (nursing) and hānai (feeding) as they migrate between Maui and Alaska!

How Can I See Whales In Maui?

Whale watching tours are a great way to see whales on Maui. Tours offer a relaxing and engaging atmosphere to watch for whales as you look for a spy hop, tail slap, fin slap or breach from these gorgeous creatures.

Hawaiian Ocean Sports offers exclusive whale tours from as early as December all the way through to April. Our experienced guides will take you whale watching or snorkeling in either kayaks or our traditional Hawaiian Outrigger Canoes. The 60 to 90 minute tour of your choice is a rich cultural experience that will not only teach you about the ancient art of canoe paddling but, you will also gain a new appreciation for the ocean and it’s abundant sea life as guides share traditional Hawaiian legends, myths, and stories.

Be our guest; sit back, relax, paddle (if you wish) and watch for whales with the Hale Mehina (West Maui Mountains) and other Hawaiian islands in the distance. Talk about a beautiful sight!

Check out our website or call us at 808.633.2800 for more information about our whale watching tours and other Hawaiian Ocean Sports adventures! Many companies around the island do whale watching tours but allow us to immerse you in our tour,  which is unlike any other, because you will get the full Hawaiian Experience with us the Aloha Way!

We are passionate about spreading Aloha and sharing our knowledge of Hawaii with everyone who comes on our excursions. For us, it’s more than just providing a tour. We want to make sure you have a great experience and walk away feeling more deeply connected to the beauty, culture, and history of the Hawaiian islands. Check out our website and contact us to begin planning your trip today.

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