Maui Stand Up Paddle Board Rentals

So you’re interested in renting a stand up paddle board in Maui. Great choice! Stand up paddle boarding is a great activity to get you out on the wai (water) and riding the waves.

What Is Stand Up Paddle Boarding?

Stand up paddle boarding is an alternative surfing style that originated in Hawaii.  It began as a way to surf when there was little puana (swell) in the waves. Stand up paddle boarders stand on a surfboard and use a paddle to move themselves through the water. The board is a little wider and the paddle allows stand up paddle boarders to control where and how they move in the water. Some people even practice yoga poses on these boards, e no’ono’o ana (meditating) in the midst of the rustling ocean!

Where Can You Rent Stand Up Paddle Boards?

You can rent stand up paddle boards on the island of Maui from numerous places, including surf shops and equipment rental services. You can rent stand up paddle boards from Hawaiian Ocean Sports at our five locations across the island. We operate noho (rentals) out of Ukumehame Beach Park, Olowalu Beach Park, Kalama Beach Park, Wailea Beach Park, and Makena Landing. Rentals are first come, first served.

You can rent our paddle boards for one hour to two hour or you can rent for full day sessions! Depending on the location, your rental includes water gear like booties, leggings, short or long sleeved rash guard, and life jackets to make your stand up paddle boarding experience as maika’i (comfortable) as possible.

Why Take Stand Up Paddle Boarding Lessons?

If you’ve seen people stand up paddle board, you know it looks effortless and graceful. The truth is, stand up paddle boarding takes ka ikaika(strength), pale (balance) and ‘ike (technique). But, don’t worry. You can learn to glide across the water in no time with our stand up paddle boarding lessons.

We, at Hawaiian Ocean Sports, offer private and semi-private lessons for private groups of all sizes. Our sessions range from one to two hours; the perfect length for you to get your rigorous full body workout in while gliding through the beauty of all that the Pacific Ocean offers. Check out our various locations and book your ha’awina (lesson) today!

Our surf instructors are incredibly kind, professional, and helpful. They love sharing their aloha (love) for the ocean with visitors from around the world.

If you’re not sure that you are ready to pop up on a surfboard while it glides on the wave then stand up paddling is a perfect place for you to start your surfing journey because you can learn how to surf by taking stand up paddle board lessons first. These lessons help you get familiar with the feeling of ho’oponopono (balancing) on a board and wave riding.

Taking stand up paddle board lessons with Aloha Surf School will do more than teach you how to glide through the waves because we connect all of our services to our love and deep appreciation for Hawaiian culture and history.

Many of our amazing surf instructors were born and raised on the Hawaiian islands, they grew up loving the water and their makemake (passion) and ‘ike (knowledge) shines through in each and every lesson. You will not only walk away from your stand up paddle board lesson feeling more connected to and appreciative of the beauty of Hawaii, its people and its culture, but also elated from all the beauty that only the waters of Maui can bestow.

We can’t wait to be your go-to destination for everything ocean sports related during your time on Maui, Hawaii. From stand up paddle board rentals to lessons and  other ocean adventure outlets like kayak and canoe tours, we have it all! Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you build everlasting Maui memories.

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