Maui Stand Up Paddle Board Rentals

So you’re interested in renting a stand up paddle board in Maui. Great choice! Stand up paddle boarding is a great activity to get you out on the wai (water) and riding the waves.

What Is Stand Up Paddle Boarding?

Stand up paddle boarding is an alternative surfing style that originated in Hawaii.  It began as a way to surf when there was little puana (swell) in the waves. Stand up paddle boarders stand on a surfboard and use a paddle to move themselves through the water. The board is a little wider and the paddle allows stand up paddle boarders to control where and how they move in the water. Some people even practice yoga poses on these boards, e no’ono’o ana (meditating) in the midst of the rustling ocean!

Where Can You Rent Stand Up Paddle Boards?

You can rent stand up paddle boards on the island of Maui from numerous places, including surf shops and equipment rental services. You can rent stand up paddle boards from Hawaiian Ocean Sports at our five locations across the island. We operate noho (rentals) out of Ukumehame Beach Park, Olowalu Beach Park, Kalama Beach Park, Wailea Beach Park, and Makena Landing. Rentals are first come, first served.

You can rent our paddle boards for one hour to two hour or you can rent for full day sessions! Depending on the location, your rental includes water gear like booties, leggings, short or long sleeved rash guard, and life jackets to make your stand up paddle boarding experience as maika’i (comfortable) as possible.

Why Take Stand Up Paddle Boarding Lessons?

If you’ve seen people stand up paddle board, you know it looks effortless and graceful. The truth is, stand up paddle boarding takes ka ikaika (strength), pale (balance) and ‘ike (technique). But, don’t worry. You can learn to glide across the water in no time with our stand up paddle boarding lessons.

We, at Hawaiian Ocean Sports, offer private and semi-private lessons for private groups of all sizes. Our sessions range from one to two hours; the perfect length for you to get your rigorous full body workout in while gliding through the beauty of all that the Pacific Ocean offers. Check out our various locations and book your ha’awina (lesson) today!

Our surf instructors are incredibly kind, professional, and helpful. They love sharing their aloha (love) for the ocean with visitors from around the world.

If you’re not sure that you are ready to pop up on a surfboard while it glides on the wave then stand up paddling is a perfect place for you to start your surfing journey because you can learn how to surf by taking stand up paddle board lessons first. These lessons help you get familiar with the feeling of ho’oponopono (balancing) on a board and wave riding.

Taking stand up paddle board lessons with Aloha Surf School will do more than teach you how to glide through the waves because we connect all of our services to our love and deep appreciation for Hawaiian culture and history.

Many of our amazing surf instructors were born and raised on the Hawaiian islands, they grew up loving the water and their makemake (passion) and ‘ike (knowledge) shines through in each and every lesson. You will not only walk away from your stand up paddle board lesson feeling more connected to and appreciative of the beauty of Hawaii, its people and its culture, but also elated from all the beauty that only the waters of Maui can bestow.

We can’t wait to be your go-to destination for everything ocean sports related during your time on Maui, Hawaii. From stand up paddle board rentals to lessons and  other ocean adventure outlets like kayak and canoe tours, we have it all! Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you build everlasting Maui memories.

Learn to Surf on Maui in Kihei

There’s no better place to learn to surf than on Maui in Kihei. With it’s beginner-friendly waves and postcard-like views, you’ll feel on top of the world surfing in the Maui sea.

Kihei is located on Maui’s southwest shore and has six miles of sandy kahakai (beaches). Many locals and visitors flock to this part of the island to soak up the sun and surf! You can join in the fun! Taking surf lessons during your time in Maui even just once will have you out on the wai (water) in no time.

Here’s everything you need to know about learning to surf on Maui in Kihei:

Why You Should Learn to Surf on Maui Kihei

Learning to surf will pilikia (challenge) you, make you ‘aka’aka (laugh) and fill your heart with ‘oli’oli (joy) as you become one with the waves. However, there’s something extra special about learning to surf on Maui in Kihei. As one of the smaller cities on Maui, Kihei has an incredible surfing community. The atmosphere is welcoming to beginners and you can literally and figuratively get your feet wet surfing in Kihei. Not to mention, The Cove at Kalama Beach Park in Kihei is one of the most iconic beginners surfing spots out there!

What You Can Expect When You Learn To Surf on Maui Kihei

You will learn to surf from some of the best local surfers the island has to offer. You can expect to be surrounded by other enthusiastic surfers who are also excited to learn!

Aloha Surf School offers private and semi-private surfing lessons suitable for the entire ‘ohana (family). During one of our private surf lessons, you can opt for a one or two hour session with individualized attention from our talented instructors.

These lessons are perfect if you’re driven to take your surfing skills to the next pi’i (level).

Our semi-private surf lessons can accommodate any number in your group,  perfect for learning to surf and sharing the experience with loved ones.

Remember to bring your sunscreen and a positive mana’o (attitude) to your lesson! Also, be sure to drink plenty of water and eat an energizing breakfast before your lesson. Surfing is a workout! Staying hydrated will help you feel great as you learn to surf.

Where You Can Learn To Surf on Maui – Kihei

Many companies give surfing lessons in Kihei. However, none can beat Aloha Surf School! We give you a holistic surfing experience. Our passionate instructors will teach you about Hawaiian ka mo’omeheu (culture) right along with the surfing skills, connecting you to the rich history and tradition of the sport.

Our surf school is located at Kalama Park and caters to people of all surfing levels, from beginning to  advanced.  Check out our website to learn more about Aloha Surf School. Additionally, contact us today if you have any questions or would like to talk more about how we can be a part of your next trip to Maui.


Best Local Surfers Giving Surfing Lessons In Maui

It’s no secret that surfers love Maui. The island brims with talented local surfers. Often times, when the surfers aren’t riding the waves themselves, they’re teaching others to ride them! Aloha Surf School has some of the best local surfers giving surfing lessons in Maui. Watching these guys surf is like something out of a ki’i’oni’oni (movie)! They ride the waves with such ‘ike (skill) and freedom.

Here’s a look at these incredible surfing instructors:

Keli’i Aloha Arcangel

surfing lessons in maui

Keli’i was born on the island of Maui. He is Kanaka Maoli, which means the “The True People” or the indigenous Polynesian people of the Hawaiian islands. Growing up in the paradaiso (paradise) that is Maui, Keli’i taught himself to surf, skim and boogie board on the South Shores. He knows the sea incredibly well and has been surfing in the waters he will teach you to surf in for years! Keli’i has been a surfing instructor for 6 years. He also spent three years in California wakesurfing! Keli’i has been stand up paddle surfing for the past seven years and loves sharing his Hawaiian culture with his guests. He says guests should remember that “water is life and so nice!”

Alex Frostee Pantorilla

Alex is to surfing as trees are to nature. They go hand and hand and have a beautifully natural relationship! Alex, or Frosty as his closest friends call him, loves ocean sports of all kinds. One of his favorite pastimes is ho’oku’u (freediving)! Alex was born on Maui and has two siblings. Staying active, Alex he enjoys working out and playing football, baseball and softball. As a professional surf instructor, Alex loves meeting new people every day. He says ke ahonui (patience), experience and knowledge will contribute to your surfing success. He’s been teaching surfing for five years and feels like he could continue teaching for the rest of his ola (life)! One of Alex’s favorite quotes is “You can’t stop the wave but you can learn to surf!”

How They Teach

Both Keli’i and Alex are great with kids too! They know just what to do and say to keep keiki (children) engaged and excited throughout the entire lesson. The truly teach with the Aloha spirit. The energy is contagious! Not only will you get to learn from their surfing experience, you will get to hear incredible stories about what the’ve learned growing up on Maui!  You’ll walk away from your lesson feeling a deep pili (connection) to and appreciation for the sea, Hawaiian culture, and for surfing!

We offer a variety of options for surf lessons at Aloha Surf School. You can take a private, semi-private or group lesson with Keli’i or Alex. No matter which lesson you choose, you will have a great time learning to surf! Our private lessons give you the absolute attention of our amazing local surf instructors for two hours! Or, you can take semi-private group lessons with up to 3 of your friends and family.

We can’t wait to show you the Aloha way and teach you to surf. Contact us today for more information!

Where to Take Surf Lessons in Kihei

So, you’re planning your trip to Maui and you want to take surf lessons in Kihei. Maybe you’re already in Maui and have been wanting to take Kihei surfing lessons for a while! Kihei has a nui (abundance) of surf schools that are sure to get you up on a board and riding the waves in no time! Additionally, you’ll find loads of fun shops in Kihei selling beachwear, surfboards and other fun Hawaiian trinkets.

Where To Take Them

Most surf lessons in Kihei take place at Kalama Beach Park. The park has areas with light waves and clear, shallow waters creating the maika’i (perfect) environment for you to learn to surf. Surfing beginners will immediately feel at home because waveriders of all skill levels frequent the park. And don’t worry! If you have a friend or family member who would rather pass on the surf lessons, the park has plenty of activities for them to enjoy while you get your surf on!

You can also learn to surf in South Maui at Cove Park. The Cove is located at the south point of Kalama Park and is a hub for beginner surf lessons! The park also has bathrooms, picnic tables, showers, pavilions, BBQs, sports fields and an outdoor roller rink park! You can spend the entire day there after your surf lessons hana (practicing) your technique with the whole family.

What They’re Like

Taking surf lessons is an incredible experience. You’ll have a whole new mahalo (appreciation) for surfers you see riding the waves so gracefully and effortlessly. Our Aloha Surf School instructors are patient, knowledgeable and passionate. Regardless of your skill or experience level, our instructors will work with you and help you to stand up on your board and ride a wave by the end of your lesson. Most of our instructors have grown up on our u’i (beautiful) Hawaiian islands. They are extremely knowledgeable about the sea and about surfing and will share their love for both with you!

How To Take Them

Your surf lesson experience can also vary depending on if you take private, semi-private or group lessons. No matter what type you choose, though, you will have an amazing time! Booking a private surf lesson with Aloha Surf School gets your 2 hours of ho’opilikino (personalized) instruction with a talented, experienced instructor. The private lesson is perfect for people who are serious about learning how to surf. If you opt for semi-private lessons, you can learn to serve with a group of up to four of your friends and family. The semi-private lesson lasts for two hours as well! This option is ideal for people who want to learn how to surf, but want to share the experience with their loved ones!

Stand up paddle boarding lessons are another incredible alternative to surf lessons. Many people start out taking stand up paddle boarding lessons before they try surf lessons. Stand up paddle boarding is hula (fun) for the entire family. There’s nothing like standing on top of the water and gliding your paddle through the friendly waves.

We would love to teach you to surf the Aloha way. When you take surfing or stand up paddle boarding lessons with Aloha Surf School, you will leave your Kihei surfing lessons with more than just new knowledge about the sports. You will feel pili (connected) to our rich Hawaiian culture. Book your tour today and check out our website to learn more about how our adventures can be the highlight of your trip to Hawaii.

Can You Surf In Maui?

Can you surf in Maui? Absolutely! Surfers frequent the Maui waters from all over the world. Peahi, Maui’s most famous surf spot, is infamous for big wave surfing. The island is a hotspot for windsurfers too! (Hookipa Beach on Maui’s northern shore is considered to be the windsurfing capital of the world!) However, you don’t have to be a professional surfer to ride the waves during your trip to Maui.

Here are 3 things to keep in mind when considering ka he ‘enalu (surfing) in Maui:

Embrace being a beginner, you will learn!

Surfing is an incredible sport. It takes ‘ike (skill), athleticism, endurance and ka ikaika (strength). While it may be tempting to rent a board and run towards the biggest waves you can find, don’t be afraid to embrace being a beginner.

When looking for surf spots as a beginner, look for waves that are 3 feet tall or under. Often, it’s best to avoid spots with large crowds of surfers. Also, beware of any areas in the water with ke kumu (reefs), rocks and rip tides!

Seasoned surfers have developed an intuition and have the knowledge to know where they should and shouldn’t go and what their skill level allows them to handle. As a beginner, you may not have these skills down perfect, but you can still have an amazing experience in the water!

One way to experience surfing in Maui is by taking surf lessons. Experienced surfers can guide you through the basics of the sport, making sure to monitor your progress and e paipai (encourage) you along the way!

Aloha Surf School instructors are incredibly experienced. Most of them have grown up on the islands and have a deep aloha (love) for and knowledge of our sea. We offer private, semi private and group surf lessons, providing a safe and fun environment for you to hang loose and catch a wave!

We also offer an experience for intermediate to advanced surfers. Join us on our Surf Safari, a 4 hour surf adventure!

Surfing is an essential part of Hawaiian cultural identity.

The first Hawaiians brought the concept of surfing with them from southern Polynesia. Surfing during your time in Maui will not only be an amazing experience, but it will also connect you the rich history and ka mo ‘omeheu (culture) of the Hawaiian islands.

Our Aloha Surf School instructors don’t just want to teach you how to surf. They care about sharing the beautiful Hawaiian culture with you, highlighting the ka mea nui (significance) and brilliance of the island’s traditions.

As a Hawaiian Proverb says:

“hiki mai ka ‘ino, hiki mai no ka malie” – Bad weather comes, good weather comes, too. The sea changes… life changes… we surf on anyway!

Follow Surfing Etiquette (Don’t worry, it’s a breeze!)

Thousands of people surf in Maui each year! No matter what time of year you visit our breathtaking island, you’re sure to see other surfers looking to catch a wave too!

Out on the water, surfers follow certain, unspoken etiquette rules. First, it’s important to stay of the way of surfers as they ride a wave. To avoid a collision, you can paddle away from the wave or paddle away from the surfer’s path. Additionally, if multiple surfers are paddling towards a wave, the person closest to the wave’s peak has the right of way. Keep an maka (eye) on the other surfers around you will help you share the waves the aloha way!

Excited to hop on a wave in Maui? We’re excited for you! We would love to share our knowledge with you and give you a surfing experience you won’t forget. Book your surf lessons today!

Kayaking in Turtle Town on Maui 

Picture this: You’re gliding through crisp, cerulean blue water, feeling the gentle breeze against your cheeks as you paddle towards Turtle Town on Maui. To your left lies a majestic sea honu (turtle), mere feet from your kayak. The honu looks up at you curiously as you snap a quick selfie with it. Glancing at the photo, you smile. It’s epic.

Kayaking in Turtle Town on Maui is an incredible experience. There’s nothing like looking into the eyes of sea turtles as they flip and swim in the glistening moana (ocean).

Here’s everything you need to know about kayaking in Turtle Town on Maui:

What is Turtle Town

Turtle Town on Maui can be found at Maluaka Beach, about 20 minutes south of Kihei. Sea turtles of all shapes and sizes call the area home. Turtle Town is a hidden gem on Maui. There is no sign for the beach and the entrance can be easy to miss. The area’s aloofness helps keep it isolated and free of large crowds, letting  you experience the maika’i (beauty) of the area and of the turtles undisturbed.

What Kinds of Marine Life Live in Turtle Town

Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles typically swim in shallow waters and frolic in the sea near South Maui year-round. The water is calm and crystal clear so you can see the colorful array of ke ola moana (marine life) in the area. In addition to turtles, you can find angelfish, butterfly fish, triggerfish and sometimes even humpback whales in Turtle Town!

When to Go Kayaking in Turtle Town on Maui

It’s likely you will see honu anytime you go kayaking in Turtle Town on Maui. However, Turtle Town in the morning will take your breath away. Marine life is especially visible during this time.

How to Go Kayaking in Turtle Town on Maui

Hawaiian Ocean Sports offers two kayaking tours for turtle-enthusiasts. Our 30 minute Kayak Turtle Tour is designed for turtle watchers and those who prefer to see marine life from above the water.

But, don’t worry underwater lovers! We’ve got a tour for you too! You can snorkel with turtles and fish indigenous to only these islands on our 90 minute Kayak Snorkel Tour. Imagine hopping out of your kayak and landing in an underwater wonderland full of sea creatures! Don’t forget to bring your waterproof camera to snap the ultimate Instagram picture of your new honu friends!

When you book a kayak tour with Hawaiian Ocean Sports, you’re in for a real treat. We don’t just take you out on the waters. We give you a taste of our rich Hawaiian ka mo’omeheu (culture) and share our knowledge about our islands and the sea. Most of our friendly guides have grown up on the islands and in the sea. You will feel their deep love, appreciation and respect for the ocean throughout your entire tour!

In Hawaiian culture, honu symbolize good luck, endurance and long life. We would love to show you the beauty of our islands, our culture and our sea. Our Aloha way will have you longing to stay.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can make your trip to Maui unforgettable.

Things to Do in Maui: Here’s the 7 Most Instagram-Worthy

things to do in Maui

Let’s face it, everywhere in Maui is Instagram-worthy. From the warm, tropical days full of nā lā (sunshine), to the beauty of the island’s beaches, Maui brims with beautiful sights and people. Your Instagram photos of Maui are guaranteed to ignite awe and perhaps a few #travelgoals hashtags from your friends!

Here are 7 things to do in Maui that, when captured, will spark ooooooos and ahhhhhhhs from  friends and followers everywhere.

Go snorkeling at Makena Landing

Snorkeling is a great way to engage with the beautiful wai (water) that surrounds our island. Hawaii’s first inhabitants, the Kanaka Maoli, named the area Makena because of its calm water and abundance of sea life. Hawaiian Ocean Sports offers a snorkeling adventure from Makena Landing to Turtle Town in South Maui. The water is calm, clear and safe for the entire ohana  (family)! You can swim with honu (Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles) and fish that are native to Hawaii. This area is also known to be a hub for hahalua (manta-rays) and naia (dolphins)!

photo idea: Snap a selfie near the sea turtles with your waterproof camera.

Take an outrigger canoe tour from Wailea Beach Park

Taking a traditional Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe tour will connect you to Hawaiian history as you walk in the footsteps of the Ali’l (chief warriors) in the Sacred Waters of Happiness (Wailea). You can participate in traditional Hawaiian oli (chants) as you paddle our hoe aw’a (canoe) though a sea full of honu and honu’ea (Hawaiian Green Sea & Hawksbill Turtles).

photo idea: Have a friend take a photo of you holding the helm of the boat from the shore!

Take surf lessons at Kalama Beach Park

There’s nothing like riding the waves and feeing the breeze run through your sun-kissed lauoho (hair). You can learn to surf with the elite instructors at Aloha Surf School. They will show you the ancient sport of Papa He’e Nalu (to ride a surfboard) the Aloha way. Contact us today to learn more.

Go stand up paddle boarding at Olowalu Beach Park

Stand up paddle boarding is a must-do when you’re in Maui. There’s nothing like standing on top of the water, using your paddle to propel you though the clear Maui waters. When you go stand up paddle boarding with Hawaiian Ocean Sports, you will be on top of the water in no time. We offer private and semi-private stand up paddle boarding lessons for all ages and skill levels.

Watch a Maui sunset with sea turtles at Hookipa Beach Park

Maui sunsets are postcard-perfect. The soft purples, pinks, oranges and yellows filter though the sky as the day turns to night. Sea turtles often come onto the beach right before sunset at Hookipa Beach Park. (Guess they want to watch the sunset too!) The honu are beautiful and majestic, certain to make your sunset experience extraordinary.

Go to a Luau

The colors, delicious foods, dances and activities of our Hawaiian luau’s are sure to delight all of your senses. You can watch hula dancers and enjoy traditional Lua foods such as kalua pork and chicken long rice. You can find luau’s throughout the island.

Visit Haleakala National Park

Haleakala National Park is home to the world’s largest dormant volcano. You can also hike the park’s most popular trail, Pipiwai. There’s all kinds of stunning photos waiting to be taken at this beautiful park. Snap away!

Looking for Sea Turtles in Maui? Here’s How to Find Them:

Maui is a paradise, a home to many people and creatures on the land and in our the beautiful kai (sea).  The Maui waters are full of majestic sea creatures, from dolphins to sea turtles!

Snorkelers and divers on Maui’s north and south shores often spot kai honus (sea turtles) with their beautiful brown shells standing out amongst the cerulean blue water. You’ll want to pack your waterproof camera to capture the moment you lay eyes on one of these beautiful creatures!

You can see sea turtles on Maui from on the shore or below the waves. The largest populations of green sea turtles in the United States live in the Hawaiian Islands. They generally stay near coastlines, living in shallow bays. The turtles swim around habitats with plenty of seagrass, breathtaking coral reefs and salt marshes.

Here’s how to make sure you see the majestic sea turtles on Maui:

Snorkel or Kayak through Turtle Town 

Turtle town is a snorkel location along Maui’s southern coast. It lies between Nahuna Point and Black Sand Beach on the mokupuni (island). Turtle Town was created by underwater ka pele (lava) formations from eruptions of submarine volcanoes long ago. The eruptions shaped the ke kola (coral) reef at Turtle Town, which is the stomping grounds of the Hawaiian green sea turtle.

Hawaiian Ocean Sports offers kayak snorkel turtle and reef turtles for turtle-enthusiasts everywhere! These guided kayak and snorkel eco tours depart from Wailea Beach, Olowalu Beach, and Makena Landing daily.

Our expert tour guides can show you the way, taking you through the Maui waters and sharing stories about the island’s beautiful history and culture.

Note: Remember to give turtles their space in the water or on the kahakai (beach) when you see them, though! We love to respect the sea life that shares our island. But, don’t worry! Hawaiian green sea turtles have been known to be curious about humans in the water, swimming within 10 feet to take a look at the land-natives in the water.

See Sea Turtles in Maui in Kihei, Wailea and Paia

Other areas of the island to spot sea turtles include Keawakapu in Kihei and Ulua and Polo Beach in Wailea. The turtles love this area because of the small sea caves among the shallow reefs, which allow them to rest in the reefs between trips to the surface.

For you land-lovers out there, you don’t have to miss out on seeing sea turtles in Maui! You can view sea turtles at Hookipa Beach Park in Paia. Sea turtles here usually come to rest on the one (sand) right before sunset.

Fun Fact: Hawaiians wear jewelry depicting a sea turtle for good luck. The turtle is also a symbol of navigation to Hawaiians because of the creatures innate ability to travel to a birthing location mile and miles away, and find it’s way back home. Some islanders honor the kai honus (sea turtles) through hula dance, moving their hand and hips in a way that emulates a sea turtle digging into the sand to lay its eggs.

There are wonderful stories behind the island of Maui. We honor and value Hawaiian culture here at Hawaiian Ocean Sports, sharing our culture with guests during all of our surfing, kayaking, snorkeling and outrigger canoeing excursions. Contact us today at 808.633.2800 to learn more.



Hawaiian Ocean Sports makes waves in travel news

Hawaiian Ocean Tours

People come to Hawaiian Ocean Sports to get the ultimate Hawaiian experience. They get to engage with the beautiful sea while learning about our island’s rich ahupua’a (culture).

Dr. Sharon Ufberg, a contributor for, experienced Hawaiian Ocean Sports’ Aloha way visited this summer during a trip to Maui. She thoroughly enjoyed her time with us and wrote two articles featuring Hawaiian Ocean Sports!

Ufberg took surfing lessons with our Aloha Surf School and glided through the beautiful Maui waters with our Hawaiian Outrigger Experience. She loved learning to ride and paddle through the nalu (waves) with our expert instructors.

Click on the links below to read her articles and learn more about planning  your own adventure with Hawaiian Ocean Sports.

5 Ways to Craft the Perfect Vacation

In her article, “5 Ways to Craft the Perfect Vacation,” Urfberg shares five tips she used to plan an eight-day trip to Maui for her son’s 30th birthday. She carefully researched her options, narrowing it down to just a few select excursions. We are hau’oli (thrilled) she choose to take surfing lessons with our Aloha Surf School!

Making Travel Worth the Trip

Part of Urfberg’s article “Making travel worth the trip”documents her day with our Hawaiian Outrigger Experience.

In the article, Urfberg talks about being deeply ne’e (moved) by the way Kevin Hoke, Hawaiian Ocean Sport’s president, connects to and shares his Hawaiian culture.

“It re-awakened the part of me that pays attention to the world and honors those that claim and protect their ancestral roots,” she wrote.

Urfberg called her outrigger canoe ride “fabulous.” We agree! She also said the canoe ride was a “meaningful and rich excursion.”

We had an amazing time showing Urfberg the breathtaking island of Maui from the wai (water)! We would love to show you the Aloha way too!

Contact us anytime at 808.633.2800 to learn more. Our surfing lessons, stand up paddle boarding, kayak snorkeling and reef tours, outrigger canoe experience, and equipment rentals are top-notch!

How a Maui Kayak Tour Will Change the Way You Look at Hawaii

The glorious, aqua-blue South Maui waters are a vision; the kai (sea) looks like it’s flowing straight out of a dream or seaside fairy tale. It’s one thing to look at the water and appreciate its beauty. It’s a completely different experience to be out on that water, gliding through it and hearing the soft, rustling ripples underneath your boat.

Whether Maui is your regular vacation spot or this trip will be your first to our beautiful Hawaiian island, taking a Maui kayak tour is a must. It will, quite literally, change the way you look at Hawaii. Here’s why:

You get to engage with the water around you

Maui is surrounded by a vast moana (ocean). It’s easy to spend time on the island and be mesmerized by the beautiful sea. Kayaking on top of the water, though, takes you from just appreciating it’s beauty visually, to engaging with the beauty physically. Dipping your paddle into the sapphire colored water as you flow across the sea will deepen your connection to Maui and its island beauty.

You get to see the sea life up close and personal

Sea turtles, whales, indigenous fish, you name it! The sea is brimming with life on and around Maui. When you book your tour with Hawaiian Ocean Sports, you may meet Sea Charles, a more than 60-year-old resident sea honu (turtle). Humpback whales love Maui too. They often come to play, mate and give birth as they migrate through the Pacific in the winter. Whale-enthusiasts can embark on our special Kayak Whale tour and our whale watching tours at all Hawaiian Ocean Sports locations from December to April. Don’t worry turtle-lovers, we didn’t forget about you! Book a kayak turtle tour today to make a friend with fins!

You can go at your own pace and take everything in

It’s so ʻoluʻoluʻo (refreshing) to be able to go at your own pace when it comes to a ocean sports. Whether you’re taking a romantic ride with a loved one or taking a tour with your best friend, you get to craft your experience on the water. Our expert instructors and tour guides will help you find your rhythm and introduce you to the waters of Hawaii. They’ll give you tips and tricks to help you flow smoothly and experience the island in your kayak. If you want to explore on your own, you can rent a kayak to paddle to your heart’s content!

You can hear the stories of those who grew up on the water

Nearly all of our tour guides and instructors grew up with the waters of Hawaii, kayaking, surfing, fishing and diving. Born and raised on the island, they are a wealth of knowledge. You’ll love their incredible stories about their lives, the water, and the island’s rich culture. They tell stories that have been passed down from generation to generation, giving you a look into the pu’uwai (heart) of the Hawaiian islands.

There’s nothing like experiencing Maui in the seat of a kayak. Book your kayak tour today. The ocean awaits!