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Hawaiian Ocean Sports Private Kayak Tours:

Kanaka Ala Mai Ke Kai

From the Sea came Man

Hawaiian Ocean Sports offer two Private (3) Hour Kayak Tours (Snorkel, Turtle and Reef Adventure and Private Kayak Whale Watch) These guided Kayak Tours are private and exclusive to your group.  We will never pair you with strangers!  We are committed to providing your group with a professional, safe and personalized adventure!  Your private and exclusive Guided Private Kayak Tours will take place at 2 premier locations on Maui (Makena Landing and Olowalu Beach Park).

Choose your location and adventure!  Minimum of 2 participants for Private Kayak, Snorkel, Turtle and Reef Adventure and Private Kayak Whale Watch (Dec-April ONLY at Makena Landing).  We can accommodate larger numbers of participants for your private kayak tour.

Hawaiian Ocean Sports offers 30-minute and 90-minute Guided Kayak Snorkel Tours at Wailea Beach in South Maui.  We specifically designed these tours for the individual(s) interested in a group tour environment and shorter duration of tour time.

At Hawaiian Ocean Sports, our foundational values include the following:

  • Promote, Perpetuate, Protect and Preserve Hawaiian Culture and;
  • Protect our natural resources, ecosystem and coral reefs.

“E Ola Mau I KaHo’oilina O Ke Kanaka” Livng and Perpetuating the Hawaiian Legacy.

*All Private Kayak Tours include refreshments, snacks, PFD, and Certified First Aid and CPR Instructors.

*Photo packages available.

Olowalu Beach Park: Private Kayak, Snorkel, Turtle and Reef Adventure

Come join Hawaiian Ocean Sports for an amazing guided kayak adventure on the southwest side of Maui at Olowalu Beach.  Located at mile marker 14 on Honoapiilani Highway and just a few miles from Lahaina, Olowalu is one of Maui’s premier snorkeling and kayaking locations.  Olowalu is considered one of Hawaii’s healthiest and oldest reef systems with over 30 species of coral including large coral heads estimated to be hundreds of years old.  Olowalu’s reef system plays an integral role in our ecosystem.  Olowalu is considered a “Mother Reef” as spawning coral polyps travel to surrounding island reef structures and seeding them.  The ocean is the most dynamic and powerful force on the planet providing 70% of the air we breathe and over 70% of the surface of our planet.  Our ancestors said “Kanaka Ala Mai Ke Kai” which translates to “From the Sea came Man.”

Olowalu is home to a rare manta-ray cleaning station, blacktip reef tip shared nursery, and home to the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle; honu!

Relive a part of ancient Hawaii as your Kanaka (native Hawaiian) guides share the rich history of Olowalu and Hawaii with you!  Our local guides are In ancient Hawaii, Olowalu was considered to be a Pu’uHonua, a place of refuge.  If a person violated any one of the established laws, the penalty included death.  If the person eluded the pursuers and reached the nearest Pu’uHonua, or place of refuge, punishment was escaped.

Hawaiian Ocean Sports is Maui’s premier and Kanaka Maoli (indigenous, authentic, original people) ocean recreation business.  Our affiliate companies include Hawaiian Outrigger Experience, Aloha Surf School, Aloha Kayak Tours Maui &Wailea Kayaks.

A fun and safe activity for the whole family!  No prior experience necessary!

Private Kayak, Snorkel, Turtle and Reef Adventure:

Tour Time: 7:00am to 10:00am.

Cost:$149 per person (minimum 2 participants)

*We can accommodate larger number of participants

Location:Olowalu Beach Park.

Locate Hawaiian Ocean Sports bus (show picture of bus)

UKUMEHAME BEACH PARK: Surf and SUP lessons & Rentals

Hawaiian Ocean Sports and Aloha Surf School is Maui’s premier Surf and SUP ocean recreation activity provider.  Come join H.O.S. and Aloha Surf School’s elite Team of Surf Instructors as we teach you the ancient art and sport of surfing or Papa He’eNalu; to ride a surfboard; surfing; wave rider; Lit., wave sliding.  In honoring the knowledge passed on by generations from our ancestors, we are inspired to share the wisdom, values and traditions that sustained the Hawaiian culture in the past…and into the future…!

Hawaiians introduced surfing to the World!  Come learn to surf with our team of former pro and elite surfers for a semi private, private or surf safari adventure.  We GUARANTEE you will SURF or the next lesson is FREEEEEEEE!  Take our challenge!

Other Surf schools and companies claim they are the best, However, Aloha Surf School is #DABEST, #NOKAOI and #1SURFSCHOOLONMAUI!

E kipamai; we invite you to join us for a unique, fun and cultural experience; Kanaka Maoli style!

This area is along the Westside Pali of Maui and was considered wahipana (sacred) in ancient Hawaii.  Ukumehame was named in reference to the payment (uku) of wood (hame or mehame).  The indigenous Hame or Mehame tree is a very hard, strong and durable native wood used by early Hawaiians for kapa tools, hut beams, javelins or spears, digging sticks (‘o’o), and scraping boards for olona.

The red fruit juice mixed with kamani oil was used to make a bright red dye for kapa cloth, particularly for the malo or loincloth.

This tree was considered a la’aulapa’au or medicinal plant in old Hawaii.  The leaves were chewed and swallowed for vomiting spells.  The bark, mixed with other plants, was used as a wash for ulcers and scrofulous sores.

This area in old Hawaii is considered to have numerous ocean grave sites located in shallow water and shoreline areas.  Many Native Hawaiians are opposed to the development of this coastal shoreline.

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