Can You Surf In Maui?

Can you surf in Maui? Absolutely! Surfers frequent the Maui waters from all over the world. Peahi, Maui’s most famous surf spot, is infamous for big wave surfing. The island is a hotspot for windsurfers too! (Hookipa Beachon Maui’s northern shore is considered to be the windsurfing capital of the world!) However, you don’t have to be a professional surfer to ride the waves during your trip to Maui.

Here are 3 things to keep in mind when considering ka he ‘enalu (surfing) in Maui:

Embrace being a beginner, you will learn!

Surfing is an incredible sport. It takes ‘ike (skill), athleticism, endurance andka ikaika (strength). While it may be tempting to rent a board and run towards the biggest waves you can find, don’t be afraid to embrace being a beginner.

When looking for surf spots as a beginner, look for waves that are 3 feet tall or under. Often, it’s best to avoid spots with large crowds of surfers. Also, beware of any areas in the water with ke kumu (reefs), rocks and rip tides!

Seasoned surfers have developed an intuition and have the knowledge to know where they should and shouldn’t go and what their skill level allows them to handle. As a beginner, you may not have these skills down perfect, but you can still have an amazing experience in the water!

One way to experience surfing in Maui is by taking surf lessons. Experienced surfers can guide you through the basics of the sport, making sure to monitor your progress and e paipai (encourage) you along the way!

Aloha Surf School instructors are incredibly experienced. Most of them have grown up on the islands and have a deep aloha (love) for and knowledge of our sea. We offer private, semi private and group surf lessons, providing a safe and fun environment for you to hang loose and catch a wave!

We also offer an experience for intermediate to advanced surfers. Join us on our Surf Safari, a 4 hour surf adventure!

Surfing is an essential part of Hawaiian cultural identity.

The first Hawaiians brought the concept of surfing with them from southern Polynesia. Surfing during your time in Maui will not only be an amazing experience, but it will also connect you the rich history and ka mo ‘omeheu (culture) of the Hawaiian islands.

Our Aloha Surf School instructors don’t just want to teach you how to surf. They care about sharing the beautiful Hawaiian culture with you, highlighting the ka mea nui (significance) and brilliance of the island’s traditions.

As a Hawaiian Proverb says:

“hiki mai ka ‘ino, hiki mai no ka malie” – Bad weather comes, good weather comes, too. The sea changes… life changes… we surf on anyway!

Follow Surfing Etiquette (Don’t worry, it’s a breeze!)

Thousands of people surf in Maui each year! No matter what time of year you visit our breathtaking island, you’re sure to see other surfers looking to catch a wave too!

Out on the water, surfers follow certain, unspoken etiquette rules. First, it’s important to stay of the way of surfers as they ride a wave. To avoid a collision, you can paddle away from the wave or paddle away from the surfer’s path. Additionally, if multiple surfers are paddling towards a wave, the person closest to the wave’s peak has the right of way. Keep an maka(eye) on the other surfers around you will help you share the waves the aloha way!

Excited to hop on a wave in Maui? We’re excited for you! We would love to share our knowledge with you and give you a surfing experience you won’t forget. Book your surf lessons today!

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