Group Kayak Whale Watch 3hr – Ukumehame

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  • Ukumehame

Seasonal December-April


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Our experienced guides (most of them are native Hawaiians; born and raised in these islands) have spent nearly all of their lives surfing, fishing, diving, spear-fishing and paddling canoe in this island paradise!

This area is along the Westside Pali of Maui and was considered wahipana (sacred) in ancient Hawaii.  Ukumehame was named in reference to the payment (uku) of wood (hame or mehame).  The indigenous Hame or Mehame tree is a very hard, strong and durable native wood used by early Hawaiians for kapa tools, hut beams, javelins or spears, digging sticks (‘o’o), and scraping boards for olona.


Adult $149

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