Best Local Surfers Giving Surfing Lessons In Maui

26September 2017

It’s no secret that surfers love Maui. The island brims with talented local surfers. Often times, when the surfers aren’t riding the waves themselves, they’re teaching others to ride them! Aloha Surf School has some of the best local surfers giving surfing lessons in Maui. Watching these guys surf is like something out of a ki’i’oni’oni (movie)! They ride the waves with such ‘ike (skill) and freedom.

Here’s a look at these incredible surfing instructors:

Keli’i Aloha Arcangel

surfing lessons in maui

Keli’i was born on the island of Maui. He is Kanaka Maoli, which means the “The True People” or the indigenous Polynesian people of the Hawaiian islands. Growing up in the paradaiso (paradise) that is Maui, Keli’i taught himself to surf, skim and boogie board on the South Shores. He knows the sea incredibly well and has been surfing in the waters he will teach you to surf in for years! Keli’i has been a surfing instructor for 6 years. He also spent three years in California wakesurfing! Keli’i has been stand up paddle surfing for the past seven years and loves sharing his Hawaiian culture with his guests. He says guests should remember that “water is life and so nice!”

Alex Frostee Pantorilla

Alex is to surfing as trees are to nature. They go hand and hand and have a beautifully natural relationship! Alex, or Frosty as his closest friends call him, loves ocean sports of all kinds. One of his favorite pastimes is ho’oku’u(freediving)! Alex was born on Maui and has two siblings. Staying active, Alex he enjoys working out and playing football, baseball and softball. As a professional surf instructor, Alex loves meeting new people every day. He says ke ahonui (patience), experience and knowledge will contribute to your surfing success. He’s been teaching surfing for five years and feels like he could continue teaching for the rest of his ola (life)! One of Alex’s favorite quotes is “You can’t stop the wave but you can learn to surf!”

How They Teach

Both Keli’i and Alex are great with kids too! They know just what to do and say to keep keiki (children) engaged and excited throughout the entire lesson. The truly teach with the Aloha spirit. The energy is contagious! Not only will you get to learn from their surfing experience, you will get to hear incredible stories about what the’ve learned growing up on Maui!  You’ll walk away from your lesson feeling a deep pili (connection) to and appreciation for the sea, Hawaiian culture, and for surfing!

We offer a variety of options for surf lessons at Aloha Surf School. You can take a private, semi-private or group lesson with Keli’i or Alex. No matter which lesson you choose, you will have a great time learning to surf! Our private lessons give you the absolute attention of our amazing local surf instructors for two hours! Or, you can take semi-private group lessons with up to 3 of your friends and family.

We can’t wait to show you the Aloha way and teach you to surf. Contact us today for more information!

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